Our Giving Catalog

Your gift will have a lasting impact in the life of a struggling family! Please look over the many options below. It's so easy to give! Just click on the button next to the gift of your choice. If you'd like to just designate a gift for an area that is most needed, just use the donate button at the bottom. All gifts are given in their full amount - no monies are withheld for any administrative or overhead costs. Thank you!

Student Items
Student Supplies $15 purchases a student's school supplies for one year.
Textbooks$20 purchases a student's textbooks for one year.
Classroom Items
Teaching Aids$50 purchases a classroom's teaching aids for one year.
Teacher Syllabuses$80 purchases a teacher's guides and syllabuses for one year.
Puppets and Toys$5 purchases a puppet for classroom instruction.
Musical Instruments$150 purchases musical instruments and books for a classroom's use.
Library Books$25 purchases an assortment of books and shelving for the school library.
Resting Mats$30 purchases enough resting mats for a classroom's use.
Storage Units$75 purchases a storage unit for a classroom's use.
Lockers$150 purchases lockers for a classroom's use.
Blackboard$15 purchases a blackboard for a classroom's use.
Teachers' Desk$75 purchases a desk for a teacher's use.
Table and Chairs$80 purchases a table and 6 chairs for a classroom's use.
Food and Income Sources
Bag of Rice$50 purchases a bag of rice which will feed the school children for 1 week.
Eucalyptus Trees$25 will purchase enough Eucalyptus trees to enable a family to pay for their childrens' educational needs at the time of harvest.
Health and Wellness
Vitamins and Medicine $25 purchases vitamins and non-prescription medicine for a family in the community.
Water Filter $50 purchases a water filter for a family in the community.
Nurse's Visit $200 purchases a nurse's visit to the school. Ideally a nurse will visit 3 times each school year.
Motorcycle$1350. A motorcycle is vital for transporting a sick child to the medical clinic as the roads are not always passable by car. $1350 will purchase a sturdy motorcycle.
Building Supplies
Bricks$25 purchases 200 bricks for a much needed addition to the school.
Bags of Cement$12 purchases a bag of cement for a much needed addition to the school.
Lorry of Sand$225 purchases a lorry of building sand for a much needed addition to the school.
House$600 purchases a new house for a needy family in the community.

If you would like to make a donation to be used where it is most needed, please use the Donate button below. Thank you!

If you would like to donate by check/money order, please send your donation to: OpeN Christian Center Inc, 3915 9th St, Wayland, MI 49348 USA. Thank you!

OpeN Christian Center, Inc, is a 501(c)3 organization.