OpeN Christian Center

Operation Nehemiah: Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives - Kawiti, Kenya

It's hard to imagine a life of living in a mud hut with no water or sanitation facilities, little food, and little clothing. Many children in the Kawati region face exactly that, and have the added burden of the loss of one or more parents. Some children at the age of 6 are already the primary caretakers of their family. In many cases there simply isn't enough food to go around, and fees for school are out of the realm of possibility. (In Kenya, all children must pay fees in order to attend school).

That's where Operation Nehemiah comes in! The OpeN Christian Center provides meals, education, and other means of assistance to these struggling children. Most importantly, the Center teaches them about Jesus Christ and His unfailing love and mercy. As Nehemiah rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem many years ago, so the Center is striving to rebuild lives and restore hope in this region of Africa.

The vision of the Center is self-sufficiency for the people of the community. It is operated locally by Kenyan citizens with a heart for God's people, and is overseen by both a Kenyan Board and a US Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. The Center strives to improve the lives of the children attending the school, enhance the surrounding community, and to become a beacon of hope for the greater region of Kenya itself.

The Center seeks to run as efficiently as possible, making the utmost use of the resources that God has provided. Over 95% of your gift goes directly to help these children. Click here to view our IRS ruling on our non-profit status.

OpeN Christian Center, Inc, is a 501(c)3 organization.

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