The Borehole Well is Finished!

Thanks to the generosity of donors, and grants from Buist Electric as well as The Water Project, the Open Christian Center now has a borehole well! The benefits from this well will be huge, supplying much needed clean water at all times to the school and the community as well. The electric pump will be installed soon. Thank you so much, donors!

Electricity has come to the village!

Electric poles and lines have now come to Kawiti Village, and due to donors, the Open Christian Center was able to meet the application and installation fees. This installation has enabled the Center to make use of an electric pump for the well as opposed to needing an expensive solar setup. More photos will be posted as they become available.

Grist Mill

The OpeN Christian center was able to construct a grist mill to benefit the Kawiti Village community. The project began days after receiving the funds, but was delayed by extreme drought. The hand-dug well ran dry and there was no water for drinking, let alone building projects. (Without water the cement needed for the floor and footings could not be mixed.) The rains came late but did arrive just before the team from Michigan arrived in late May. The team was able to see the building that would house the mill, which was expanded to include a small store to be run by a local widow, providing her with a job and income. A storage room was also added so that supplies can be purchased when the crops are harvested and stored for later use, saving the school money on food supplies. After the team left in mid-June the project was started once again. After much anticipation, the mill began operation Monday Sept. 17th, 2012, and was celebrated with a dedication ceremony with the local residents. Now the residents of Kawiti village have a safe and affordable option when it comes to grinding maize, the primary ingredient in Ugali, the staple food. Women and children no longer need to make the hour-long walk or cross swollen rivers to grind their maize meal and the charges are the lowest in the community. Thank you, donors!

OpeN Christian Center, Inc, is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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