The 8 Classroom Block

The OpeN Christian Center operates a school with 8 teachers and approximately 133 students, Kindergarten through 7th grade. Due to generous donors and God's grace, we have in recent years been able to install a borehole well and tower assembly, a 3 room kindergarten block, and electricity! Our current project consists of an eight room, 2 story classroom block. The basic construction is finished, and now we are raising funds to complete the building with doors, windows, and paint.

If we can raise the funds to complete this 8 classroom block, generous donors have agreed to support the building of a kitchen and dining hall as well as a recreation classroom. We give thanks to God for this help! It is amazing to see how far God has brougth the Open Christian Center!

None of this would be possible without the generous donations of persons like you.

If you can help out with a donation of any amount, please use the button below to donate online, or send your donation to: Open Christian Center, 3915 9th St, Wayland, MI, 49348. Thank you!