A New Borehole Drilled Well

The OpeN Christian Center operates a school with 5 teachers and approximately 120 students, pre-school thru 2nd grade. There is no electricity or running water in this rural village. At this time rainwater is collected from the eaves of the school to fill a 500 liter water tank. The water is treated and will last approximately 5 weeks at times without rainfall. Early in 2012, the water ran out due to extended drought conditions. This forced the use of our scarce resources to purchase water from a nearby town.

In addition to the holding tank, there is also a 25 foot hand-dug well. That murky water is used for washing clothes and dishes, as well as flushing the toilets. The drought also caused this well to run dry.

Most of the local homes are two room mud houses with no water systems at all. They obtain their drinking water from either the hand-dug well or the nearby rivers. Primitive gold mining operations have sprung up in the area, but are not a benefit to the community. Instead, the mercury used in the operation threatens to further contaminate the ground water.

A new freshwater borehole drilled well would meet many of these people's basic needs, giving them a clean, constant, and free water supply. The need for clean water is great, and meeting this need is an even greater opportunity to be God's hands and feet. If you can help out with a donation of any amount, please use the button below to donate online, or send your donation to: Open Christian Center, 3915 9th St, Wayland, MI, 49348. Thank you!